Comparing Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads: Which One Is More Effective in 2023?

Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are the two social media giants. The question is: which one is more effective in 2021? Facebook has been around for quite a while, so this question comes up often. With all the new features and updates to Instagram, it’s hard to know what will be the best platform for marketing your brand. Let’s break down the two platforms to see who takes home the crown.


  1. Facebook Ads have a higher click-through rate than Instagram Ads
  2. You can target your audience through age, gender, location, interests, etc.
  3. You can measure how many people saw your ad Instagram
  4. Although you can target audiences similar to Facebook Ads, they don’t have

Facebook and Instagram are more than just social media sites. They’re advertising platforms. Facebook is still the most popular, followed by Instagram, but with changes to both of their policies, these two platforms will be very different in 2021. Facebook Ads, a service of Facebook Inc., has been around for over 10 years and is now available in more than 20 countries.

It’s the most popular way for businesses to promote themselves on social media. With over 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Instagram Ads, owned by Facebook Inc., has also been around since 2010 and has grown rapidly because of its high popularity among people aged 18-29, who make up 30% of its.

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Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social media platforms in the world. Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users, while Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. With such high user bases, advertisers have a variety of options for reaching audiences on these sites. But which one is best for your business? Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? The answer might surprise you.

This blog will explore how Facebook and Instagram ads work, and provide some stats to help you decide which platform is better for your business.

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Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads: Which One Is More Effective in 2021?

There are many social media marketing strategies that can be put into practice, but which one should you choose for your company? Facebook and Instagram advertising might seem like a straightforward decision. After all, they’re both owned by Facebook. However, there are some important differences between the two platforms. From targeting to costs to ad types, here’s what you need to know before choosing between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads in 2021.

Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads
Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads

The Differences Between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Facebook’s head of advertising Rob Goldman said that, on average, brands run about $5,000 in Facebook ads every month and every ad they run, they get 500 impressions. Compare this to Instagram where he said each ad gets 3,000 impressions and each one costs $10. He also said that Instagram’s ad product is about personalized ads. Whereas, with Facebook, “you pick the audience, and the platform is smarter about showing ads to the right people.”

What does this mean for you, the entrepreneur? At first, this may seem like a trivial difference. After all, if you run Instagram ads, they will be working with more targeted ads. However, there are other significant differences between Instagram and Facebook advertising that you should consider before making the ultimate decision.

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Ads Targeting

Ads on Instagram can be targeted to particular users based on behavior, interests, and location. In other words, you’re only showing ads to users who match a specific set of criteria. Instagram offers more privacy when it comes to targeting, but Facebook does give you a better idea of what sort of users you’ll be reaching.

While Facebook has been steadily adding more targeting options for Facebook Ads, Instagram does have quite a bit more. Instagram has an estimated 300 million users who have a presence on the platform. In short, Instagram is less restrictive when it comes to targeting. This is likely why Instagram has a far more robust offering for advertisers.

Facebook Ads

There are two basic ways you can advertise on Facebook. You can use paid Facebook ads to show your audience relevant ads, or you can purchase an ad through the Facebook Ads Manager. Using the ad manager, you can choose between a range of ad types including photos, videos, and posts, and create a campaign specifically designed for Facebook. You can also preview your ad before you buy.

Once you’ve purchased a campaign, you can start creating ads. You can create a test ad to see which performs best. You can choose between ad formats including the much-used pop-up ad, text ads, or video ads, which you can include with a flat fee or as part of a package. Once your ad has been approved, you can start reaching out to people with it.

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Instagram Ads

Although Instagram is a very popular social network, it’s not the first social media network to use advertising. Facebook has been doing it for years. Instagram started its advertising business with a free basic advertising plan in 2012. The advertising plan offered by Instagram required a consumer to register before the user could access the advertising program. Now, Instagram offers multiple plans for marketing that incorporate the use of promoted posts and full-screen ads.

With Instagram ads, you can create an ad in less than 15 minutes and start generating traffic and conversions within a few minutes. For instance, you can create a 25% off promotion ad and offer a deal to your followers in your Instagram story. Instagram ads also allow you to get more traffic to your website.


On Facebook, you can set budgets and post limits for all ad types. The cost of an ad on Instagram, on the other hand, ranges from $5 to $1,000. For example, an ad-targeted ad may be available for $25 to $50 and will feature photos or videos. There’s also an ad feature called Instagram Stories Ads for generating more content, getting more exposure, and offering bigger brand recognition.

To learn more about the costs and features for different types of ads, read “Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Ads.” Targeting On Instagram, your reach can be varied depending on your audience and photo/video. All you need to do is select the audience you want to target and create your ad. You can even adjust the targeting options while creating your ad.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have been around for quite a while. It launched the paid posts in 2007 and now boasts more than 200 million advertisers worldwide. According to Gizmodo, the average cost per post on Facebook is $3.70. For an advertiser with a single Facebook page, this means that it can reach 11 million potential customers. Also, every company has to have a Facebook page in order to run a paid post campaign.

In that sense, it’s a low-cost channel for businesses that are just starting out. On the other hand, Facebook’s ads can be quite intrusive, which might not be suitable for some small-scale businesses. There is also the issue of security. Since Facebook is a part of the giant social media giant, users might not be fully aware of the implications of certain posts.

Instagram Ads

Instagram has recently come to be more popular with small businesses, as it’s easier to use. It allows for direct targeting and uses geolocation to display ad content relevant to local audiences. But the fact that you have to use an Instagram profile or link it to a business profile can also mean higher costs. Using Instagram Ads also means that you will have to invest in developing and sustaining a unique branding and marketing campaign, which can take up a lot of your time.

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Ad Types

The biggest difference between the two social media marketing platforms is the advertising formats. You’ll get the best results on Instagram if you’re more likely to post photos and less likely to post videos. You’ll also get better results on Facebook if your business focuses more on text and more on photos. If you’re a B2B brand, then your focus should be on the Facebook ad types outlined above.

For example, if you run an online business, then you should be doing Facebook Ads in the “Sponsored Stories” section. If you run a non-profit, then you should be doing Facebook Ads in the “Commitment to Change” section. Both of these types of ads are classified as “advertorials.” To boost your image and reach the most amount of people, you should focus on Instagram Ads.

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Facebook Ads

Starting small Facebook has many ways to target a specific audience. In many cases, it’s likely that the audience that you’re hoping to reach already has an account with the site. They might use it to keep in touch with family members, friends, or colleagues. Depending on what the product or service is, you can make use of this audience to boost user engagement with your Facebook Page.

If you need them to participate in a survey or invite friends to like your page, you can use it to promote your activity. When you’re targeting a specific demographic, you can set-up a timeline to create anticipation for the next major event, milestone, or special event.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads have many of the same features as Facebook Ads. You can create ad campaigns, as well as target a broad audience based on interests, location, and demographics. You can also use Instagram Stories to target specific groups of users. But that’s not the only difference between Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads. Instagram Stories With Instagram Stories, you can target specific audiences.

You can also track user reactions to your Stories ad campaign. In addition, ads in Stories will reach the users that follow the brand. It’s an ad format that brands have been testing for some time, so it’s safe to say Instagram will continue to refine its ads and tools as time passes. Ad Types Some of the most appealing aspects of Instagram Ads are their creative features.

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What You Can Achieve with Facebook Ads

When your company creates a Facebook Ad campaign, it can use one of a number of targeting options to reach your target audience. These include: The Audience Tab. This is where you create a campaign and find Facebook Audience Targeting.

In this tab, you can create a general audience and target based on business type, geography or industry. By focusing your audience here, you can reach a wide range of audiences with Facebook Ads. This is where you create a campaign and find Facebook Audience Targeting. In this tab, you can create a general audience and target based on business type, geography or industry. By focusing your audience here, you can reach a wide range of audiences with Facebook Ads. The Targeting Audience.

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What You Can Achieve with Instagram Ads

While Facebook ads can drive huge numbers of users to your website, Instagram can do even more. Instagram is quite widely used by both celebrities and marketers. People share snaps of their vacations, gorgeous bodies, or hilarious friends on Instagram daily.

Instagram can be a great way for celebrities to market a new perfume, for a business to create their own brand, or even for a local service provider to get in front of local customers. Instagram provides an opportunity to connect with real people and tell stories in a more intimate way.

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With Instagram, there are two types of ads you can use: Instagram Stories ads and Instagram Video ads.

How to Use Instagram Stories Ads

You can create Stories ads using a dedicated camera or your current camera app. You’ll want to select a Story

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